28 April 2017

Ready. Set. Go!

In the previous installment of Mo-99 Matters: The Road Ahead, we looked in the rearview mirror at our four-decade strong legacy in Mo-99 purification to pharmaceutical standards and just-in time global distribution. And then brought you back to the present day; a day in which the NRU reactor isn’t routinely producing Mo-99—but continues to operate. Those are 3 very important words: Continues. To. Operate. 
That’s right. NRU is continuing to operate until March 2018. So those of us at Nordion are at the ready should a global shortage trigger the need for NRU to start producing Mo-99. Being at the ready is more than a “state of being”—it’s a daily state of readiness.
Every day, our highly skilled Mo-99 technicians and multi-disciplined staff are at work.
Every day, the in-active materials needed to purify Mo-99 are in the facility.
Every day, our facilities, equipment and quality management system are maintained, calibrated and exercised; and our regulatory compliance is maintained.
How? We do regular, full-scale simulated Mo-99 runs with inactive target materials and reagents. The activity is logged and serves to maintain our equipment, production and test methods, and maintain our people’s training in cGMP methods.
Technicians at work outside of the Mo-99 hot cells. (Photo courtesy of Nordion.)

Technicians at work outside of the Mo-99 hot cells. (Photo courtesy of Nordion.)

We take our role in the processing and worldwide distribution of Mo-99 seriously. NRU will continue to be at the ready. And the Nordion team will continue to be at the ready too. In parallel, we forge full force ahead with our plans to deliver a new, reliable source of molybdenum-99 in support of the entire nuclear medicine community. Stay tuned for more on that front!
Mo-99 matters to us all. If you have any questions at all, I invite you to contact me, Heather Murphy, Manager of Commercial Operations, Nordion.
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