24 April 2017

Welcome to Mo-99 Matters: The Road Ahead

We invite you to join us on a shared road trip that will take you to the delivery of a new, reliable source of molybdenum-99 in support of the entire nuclear medicine community. On the journey, we will share with you the advances we have made with our new source of Mo-99, and you’ll hear firsthand as we achieve critical steps along the way. We are excited to share with you efforts underway to ensure that Nordion continues to be the reliable Mo-99 supplier you have known for more than 40 years—and for decades to come. We’ll also explain how we remain in a constant state of readiness in the event that a significant global shortage of Mo-99 triggers a need for supply in the interim.
Today, we ask, “Have you read our most-recent news?” Last month, we achieved a critical step towards implementing domestic production—the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR®), General Atomics (GA) and Nordion announced that MURR’s License Amendment Request (LAR) was submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Why is this significant? The LAR submission shows the NRC that we will have all of the technology, expertise and safety measures needed to begin producing Mo-99 in place and ready to go when we receive their approval. (Read the “Research Reactor Files for NRC Approval to Start U.S. Production of Medical Isotopes” press release.)
Just in case anyone reading this article is not familiar with ‘isotopes” or ‘Mo-99″, here’s a brief explanation. A medical isotope is a radioactive substance used by health professionals to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from a variety of conditions, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. Almost 50 million such procedures are performed every year. The most important isotope, technetium-99m (Tc-99m), is produced from Mo-99 and is used in more than 80% of all nuclear medicine procedures.
Mo-99 matters to us all. We are excited to bring you along with us on this journey, so stay tuned for regular blog articles. Along the way, if you have any questions, please contact me, Heather Murphy, Manager of Commercial Operations, Nordion.
PS—Our second blog article is now available. Read 43 Years of Experience; Over 6,000,000 6-day Curies of Mo-99 now.
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