Name Change

The Company officially changed its name to Nordion Inc. on November 1, 2010. Prior to November the Company's name was MDS Inc.

Board and Committee Charters

The Board of Directors have general oversight responsibilities relating to the business and affairs of the Corporation. Those responsibilities are set out in the Charter which follows:

Charter >
Terms of Reference Non-Executive Board Chair >

Committee Charters
To effectively carry out certain of its responsibilities, the Nordion Board has delegated some of its duties to four specific committees of the Board. Each of the committees has written charters which set out their principal duties and responsibilities and which are reviewed annually. The Audit, Human Resources & Compensation, and EHS & Corporate Governance Committees are comprised entirely of independent Directors. The composition of each committee is reviewed periodically to generate fresh input and diversity of expertise. The existing committees and their responsibilities are as follows:

Audit Committee
Charter >

EHS & Corporate Governance Committee
Charter >

Human Resources & Compensation Committee
Charter >