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Does your business depend on producing a safe and sterile product as a competitive advantage?

If yes, you may want to know:

  • Can your product be terminally sterilized or disinfected?
  • Which modality will help you achieve your product goals?
  • Do you need to change your mechanical properties to ensure your product can be effectively sterilized?
  • Does your product have a maximum dose constraint?
  • Is your sterilization operation optimized to best support your business?
  • When should you add sterilization capacity?
  • How much will it cost?

Understanding your sterilization options and their possible effects on your product can be daunting. Ultimately, you want to choose the sterilization modality that best achieves your goals while being flexible, reliable, versatile, safe and affordable.

Take a look at gamma

For over 50 years, gamma irradiation using Cobalt-60 has been helping businesses provide safe and effective products to consumers around the world.

Through this microsite, you can explore  gamma irradiation to determine if gamma is the right solution for your business and product needs.

Our experts at Nordion can help you evaluate whether gamma irradiation is the best option for you—for now and for the future. Our partners trust us to provide sound expertise and, if appropriate, complete gamma irradiation solutions to solve unique product irradiation challenges.

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