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One Facility to Achieve All of Your Gamma Sterilization and Irradiation Goals

Nordion’s Gamma Centre of Excellence (GCE) is a world-class applied research and specialty gamma processing facility. Improving the lives of people and preventing disease via the advancement of gamma irradiation is the singular focus of the GCE.

Nordion’s Gamma Centre of Excellence
535 Cartier Boulevard Ouest
Laval, QC
Canada H7V 3S8
Tel: +1 450 687 5165
Fax: +1 450 687 5792
E-mail: gamma@nordion.com


Nordion Corporate Headquarters
447 March Road
Ottawa, ON
Canada K2K 1X8
Tel: +1 613 592 2790
Fax: +1 613 592 6937
E-mail: nordion.communications@nordion.com


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Map & Directions

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From the Airport:
Take 520 East to 40 East
From 40 East take Route 15 North to Exit 7
At the first light, turn right onto Cartier Blvd.
Turn right at 535 Boulevard Cartier

Our Gamma Processing Experts

For General Inquiries and Price Estimates
Contact: Carlo Coppola
Tel: +1 450 687 5165 Ext. 4490
Email: carlo.coppola@nordion.com

For Research and Collaboration Inquiries
Contact: Emily Craven
Tel: +1 613 592 3400 Ext. 2044
E-mail: emily.craven@nordion.com

For Training Inquiries
Contact: Chantal Guilbaud
Tel: +1 450 687 5165 Ext. 4491
E-mail: chantal.guilbaud@nordion.com

For Irradiation Scheduling Inquiries
Contact: Jeannot Proulx
Tel: +1 450 687 5165 Ext. 4493
Email: jeannot.proulx@nordion.com
Contact: Réjean Boivin
Tel: +1 450 687 5165
Email: rejean.boivin@nordion.com

For Quality Assurance Inquiries
Contact: Guy Desroches
Tel: +1 450 687 5165 Ext. 4589
Email: guy.desroches@nordion.com
Contact: Yanick Ostiguy
Tel: +1 450 687 5165 Ext. 4283
Email: yanick.ostiguy@nordion.com

Nordion Gamma Centre of Excellence

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