Medical Devices: Gamma Sterilization Applications and Markets

The medical device industry is a market worth over U.S. $150 billion and, with the health care field continuously growing, the need for safe and sterile products is more paramount than ever. The technology of choice for medical device sterilization, by many of the world's leading medical device manufacturers, is gamma sterilization.

This simple, proven process is safe, reliable, and highly effective at treating single-use medical devices. Employed by the medical manufacturing industry for over 40 years, gamma sterilization is an environmentally preferred option to other sterilization modalities, including ethylene oxide (EO) and e-beam. With the ability to penetrate products while sealed in their final packaging, gamma sterilization economizes the manufacturing and distribution process, while still ensuring full sterility of the product.

Nordion is the leading expert in gamma sterilization technology. Over the past 40 years, we've designed and installed over 200 industrial irradiators around the world. As a result, more than 40 per cent of all single-use medical supplies such as syringes and sutures are sterilized using our technology.

Sterilization 101

Explore Gamma. Realize the Opportunities.The ability to sterilize a medical device product depends on a number of complex factors including design of the device, material selection, product packaging and final packaging. Visit our new website to learn about the four key modalities used to sterilize medical device products, as well as considerations for the use of each.

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