We conduct business in a manner that recognizes and respects our most important asset – our employees.

We are committed to providing employees with support programs that strengthen their abilities. Diversity is integral to the success of our business.
As a valued member of the Nordion team, you can expect:
  • Positive policies and practices fostering a dynamic organizational culture conducive to employee engagement, such as floating holidays to use for personal time, religious holidays and cultural events
  • Health and wellness initiatives and programs highlighting items such as mental health and healthy living
  • Employee training and learning sessions on such topics as youth mental health, respect in the workplace
  • Activities focused on giving back to the community, such as paid volunteer days

We support the following initiatives.

The Nordion Diversity Team

The Nordion Diversity Team’s mandate is to cultivate a diversified, inclusive and thriving workforce. The members are a cross section of employees who meet regularly.

Hire Immigrants Ottawa

Hire Immigrants Ottawa is a community-based initiative made up of employers, immigrant agencies, and employment agencies and other groups who aim to create more employment opportunities for immigrant jobseekers. Nordion is an inaugural member of Hire Immigrants Ottawa’s Employer Council of Champions, a team of employers dedicated to promoting the idea of hiring immigrants within their firms.

Y’s Owl Maclure Co-operative Centre

Y’s Owl Maclure Co-operative Centre helps provide day-time opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. In collaboration with Y’s Owl Maclure, Nordion employs and celebrates the achievements of these individuals.

Partnerships with Community organizations

The Nordion recruitment team works with a variety of community organizations and agencies to ensure career opportunities reach diverse candidates.

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