Gamma Offers a World of Opportunities

Gamma offers a world of opportunities for businesses to achieve their unique goals. Companies that chose gamma irradiation have trusted Nordion to build and deliver 70% of the world’s large irradiators and Cobalt-60 – safely and reliably. We can help you provide safe, sterile products to your customers anywhere in the world.

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Looking to broaden your sterilization options?

Are you a manufacturer looking to optimize your operation or enhance sterilization as part of your core competency? Add gamma to your arsenal of sterilization techniques done in-house. Are you a contract sterilization operation looking to better serve your customers? Add gamma to your existing or new site.

Considering irradiating new products?

Are you looking for the best way to sterilize your new or existing product? Nordion will collaborate with you to perform research on new materials and products and see how gamma can help you get them to market quicker.

Want to enter new geographies?

Are you considering entering or expanding manufacturing and sterilization operations in high-growth areas such as Asia and Latin America? Take a look at gamma’s unique advantages in these areas. Nordion’s team has plenty of international experience to help you plan and deliver your project.

Have you considered new business opportunities?

Look at new and different ways you can do business with gamma. Understanding the options available to you and the effects on your products can be daunting. Ultimately, you want to choose the sterilization process that best achieves your goals—and is also flexible, reliable, versatile, safe and affordable.

Thousands of professionals around the globe put their trust in Nordion’s expertise day in and day out to provide complete gamma lifecycle management and to solve unique problems – from supply to disposal. You can too.