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Your Gamma Centre of Excellence

A World-Class Applied Research and Specialty Gamma Processing Facility

Improving the lives of people and preventing disease via the advancement of gamma irradiation is the singular focus of Nordion’s Gamma Centre of Excellence (GCE). Our nuclear facility provides reliable sterilization of medical devices and irradiation of consumer and food products.

For more than 30 years we have collaborated with companies like yours to determine gamma compatibility of materials; develop highly effective gamma processes; and provide reliable sterilization and flexible irradiation parameters for medical devices, polymer products and food products.

GCE is the one facility to offer all of the gamma processing services and expertise you need to achieve your irradiation and sterilization goals:

Industrial and research irradiator and radiation safety training

Access our state-of-the-art facility for precision and scale, uniformity, and world-class expertise in dosimetry, calibration and precise dose delivery of gamma.

Science Services
Gamma processing, food irradiation, sterilization resources.

Come to our first-class physicists and chemists with a challenging material, and you’ll walk away with a process that allows for gamma sterilization.

Gamma processing, food irradiation, sterilization frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Leverage the gamma experts at one of the world’s most sophisticated gamma processing facilities and receive high-value hands-on irradiator training experience.

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GCE At-a-Glance
Applied research and development and specialty gamma processing
Nordion's Gamma Centre of Excellence provides a range of services including applied research in sterilization sciences, training and specialty contract irradiation services.

Download: GCE Overview

One Facility for All Your Gamma Sterilization & Irradiation Goals
  • GCE is both an applied research facility and a specialty gamma processing facility.
  • GCE provides a dedicated first-class team of chemistry and physicist experts to collaborate with you to solve unique material compatibility problems.
  • GCE maintains small-scale sample testing systems and a full-scale irradiator capable of processing high volumes of product.
  • GCE is ISO 9001:2008 certified and Controlled Drug Licensed/Drug Establishment Licensed.
  • Nordion is a recognized National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) facility for radiation dosimetry.
  • GCE is a world-class facility that offers hands-on training.
  • GCE develops custom courses by request.
Contact GCE

Nordion Gamma Centre of Excellence (GCE)
535 Cartier Boulevard Ouest
Laval, QC
Canada H7V 3S8
Tel: +1 450 687 5165
Fax: +1 450 687 5792
Email: gamma@nordion.com


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