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Gamma Processing FAQs

Q. Can irradiation get rid of the bacteria in my cosmetics or pharmaceuticals?
A. Yes, even if your product is completely sealed in a container.

Q. Will the irradiation damage my product?
A. At small doses there is normally no change to most products. Contact us for compatibility inquiries.

Q. What information do I need to provide for a quotation?
A. Once you have the outside dimensions of your cartons or containers, their weight and the minimum dose, please contact us for a quotation.

Q. How do I determine the minimum dose requirement?
A. If you do not know the minimum dose for your product please contact us. We can help you determine the dose requirement.

Q. Are the master cartons opened for the irradiation treatment?
A. No. The master cartons are simply stacked inside of our aluminum containers, which take them into the irradiation chamber.

Q. How do you measure the dose to my product?
Dosimeters are measurement devices used to measure dose, and have a calibration that is traceable to national standards. The first time that your product is run, maximum and minimum doses are measured by placing several dosimeters around your boxes or product packages. A single reference dosimeter can then be used in future runs to verify that required doses have been achieved.

Q. I have a product which is currently ethylene oxide (EO) sterilized. Can you help me convert to gamma?
Our team can help you establish whether or not your product is gamma compatible and guide you through the gamma validation process. Please contact us for more information.

Q. What is Sterilization Science?
At Nordion, the Sterilization Science group looks at radiation applications and effects. This includes new and existing uses for radiation, material, and microbiological effects of radiation and improvements in radiation delivery. Please contact us for all of your Sterilization Science inquiries.

Q. What Sterilization Science resources does Nordion have available?
Our staff includes experts in radiation physics and polymer materials. We have access to laboratories for microbiological and material testing through the Institut Armand-Frappier and through relationships with external testing laboratories.

Gamma Processing Resources

Industrial and research irradiator and radiation safety training

Access our state-of-the-art facility for precision and scale, uniformity, and world-class expertise in dosimetry, calibration and precise dose delivery of gamma.

Science Services
Gamma processing, food irradiation, sterilization resources.

Come to our first-class physicists and chemists with a challenging material, and you’ll walk away with a process that allows for gamma sterilization.

Gamma processing, food irradiation, sterilization frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Leverage the gamma experts at one of the world’s most sophisticated gamma processing facilities and receive high-value hands-on irradiator training experience.

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GCE At-a-Glance
Applied research and development and specialty gamma processing
Nordion's Gamma Centre of Excellence provides a range of services including applied research in sterilization sciences, training and specialty contract irradiation services.

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