Benefits of Sterilization Science

Achieve Your Unique Gamma Processing Requirements

Nordion’s Gamma Centre of Excellence (GCE) offers our polymer producer, medical device, and food processor research partners many advantages.

  • Timeliness. Because we are highly focused on the advancement of innovation and understand the unique needs of our research partners, our flexible irradiator scheduling delivers rapid turnaround of all research projects.
  • Precision. We maintain calibrated research irradiators for small-scale sample testing and a full-scale irradiator capable of processing high volumes of product with exceptional flexibility. The irradiators feature computerized monitoring systems that govern operations, control timing and generate accurate, detailed documentation for all research projects.
  • Expertise. Because we have extensive experience in gamma processing, you are assured world-class experts in designing experiments, suggesting dose levels, and establishing a unique, calibrated and precise dosimetry process.

Added benefits include:

  • GCE is both an applied research facility and a specialty gamma processing facility. To foster the advancement of innovation, time allocated for research is a complimentary service offered to our partners.
  • GCE’s world-class full-scale irradiator operates in three modes: continuous, batch and incremental. This offers flexibility of processing for research purposes. GCE is ISO 9001:2008 certified and Controlled Drug Licensed/Drug Establishment Licensed.
  • Nordion is an accredited ISO/IEC 17025 facility for irradiation dosimetry. Nordion’s Dosimetry Laboratory operates at the international industry standard for testing and calibration.
  • Our accumulated sterilization science knowledge and experience give you a unique advantage. At GCE, we provide a dedicated world-class team of chemistry and physicist experts to collaborate with you to solve unique problems.

Plus, through our partnerships with the University of Quebec and the Institut Armand-Frappier, GCE has access to:

  • Research resources for bacteriology, epidemiology and preventative medicine, immunology, comparative animal medicine and virology; and
  • Interdisciplinary consultations in radiation-related fields.

Sterilization Science Overview

Industrial and research irradiator and radiation safety training

Access our state-of-the-art facility for precision and scale, uniformity, and world-class expertise in dosimetry, calibration and precise dose delivery of gamma.

Science Services
Gamma processing, food irradiation, sterilization resources.

Come to our first-class physicists and chemists with a challenging material, and you’ll walk away with a process that allows for gamma sterilization.

Gamma processing, food irradiation, sterilization frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Leverage the gamma experts at one of the world’s most sophisticated gamma processing facilities and receive high-value hands-on irradiator training experience.

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