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World-Class Applied Research for Gamma Sterilization

At Nordion’s Gamma Centre of Excellence (GCE), we collaborate with companies like yours to determine gamma compatibility of materials and to develop highly effective gamma processes. Our chemistry and physicist experts understand the challenge you face to sterilize your medical device, improve the properties of your polymer product or improve the safety of your food product.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you in a collaboration that fosters effective use of gamma irradiation for your product. Come to our first-class chemistry and physicist experts with a challenging material and you’ll walk away with a process that allows for gamma sterilization.

  • Does your product have a maximum dose constraint? We collaborate with you to design processes around challenging materials. The solution could be developing a specific approach to irradiate the material; the solution could be carrying out a foundational study to reduce the dose requirement.
  • Unsure if your product is gamma compatible? We collaborate with you to determine the gamma compatibility of any challenging material.
  • Want to change the property of a product? Whether your goal is to change the color of a material or change the mechanical properties of a material, we look forward to a collaborative and rewarding partnership.

At Nordion's GCE, we maintain calibrated research irradiators for small-scale sample testing and a full-scale irradiator. Time allocated for research is a complimentary gamma irradiation service offered to our partners. Learn about the many more benefits of sterilization science from Nordion's GCE to achieve your gamma irradiation and sterilization goals.

Benefits of Sterilization Science

Industrial and research irradiator and radiation safety training

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Gamma processing, food irradiation, sterilization resources.

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Gamma processing, food irradiation, sterilization frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Have You Considered the Benefits of Gamma?

Polymer producers, food processors and medical device manufacturers choose gamma for its many advantages.

  • Efficient. Unlike other modalities, products irradiated and sterilized with gamma can be sent from the GCE facility directly to the end customer—no quarantine times.
  • Flexible.  Gamma can be used for most materials in any configuration in a wide range of conditions.
  • Proven. Used by polymer producers, medical device companies and food processors for over 40 years, gamma processing is a well understood, well controlled and validated process.
  • Safe. While some modalities leave traces of toxic substances, gamma rays do not.
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