Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness

Our commitment to improve the health and well-being of people is reflected in our day-to-day corporate culture.

We empower and engage employees to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. We accomplish this by offering diverse, holistic health and wellness programs aimed at decreasing the risk of disease and enhancing quality of life.

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occupational health & safety

Onsite Physician

We have a physician onsite once a week.

occupational health & safety

Workplace Safety

We value being a leader in workplace safety as demonstrated by being the recipient of the Gold Level award for Canada’s Safest Employer in 2013. We offer workshops to train employees, supervisors and managers in workplace safety.


occupational health & safety

Flu Clinic

We make it convenient for employees to protect themselves against the flu.

occupational health & safety

Onsite Massage

We offer onsite massage therapy.


occupational health & safety

Mental Health

We explore different initiatives and help educate employees to address mental health issues in the workplace.

occupational health & safety

Onsite Fitness

We provide access to our 24×7 onsite fitness centre for cardio training, muscle strength and toning, and group fitness.


occupational health & safety


We facilitate ergonomics tailored to each employee and their unique workplace setup.

occupational health & safety

Health and Well-Being Reimbursement

We offer reimbursements to employees who make efforts to lead healthier lifestyles.