Employee Safety

Nordion is committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees and contractors.

We are committed to keeping the exposure to radiation for our employees, as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) with social and economic factors considered. 
We have implemented a conventional health and safety program to manage workplace safety hazards and to protect employees. This program complies with Part II of the Canada Labour Code, as well as to the Canada Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA) and it regulations. The program encompasses performance, practices and awareness.


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    Corporate Safety


    A key performance measure for this Safety and Control Area (SCA) is the number of lost time injuries (LTIs) that occurs per year. An LTI is an injury that takes place at work and results in the worker being unable to return to work to carry out their duties for a period of time. LTI at Nordion have historically been low (one LTI in 2013, zero in 2012) due to our robust health and safety program.

    Corporate Safety


    Nordion continually promotes our conventional health and safety program to employees through a workplace poster campaign, continued emphasis on safety culture and directed campaigns to heighten worker awareness of workplace risks. Nordion conducts regular employee safety culture surveys. The most recent survey conducted in 2013 provided positive results.



    Corporate Safety


    Nordion has in place a Workplace Health and Safety Committee represented by union and management that typically meets on a monthly basis. In addition, a Health and Safety Policy Committee is represented by union and management and typically meets on a quarterly basis.
    Nordion continually looks for opportunities for improvements to the conventional health and safety program. Past improvements have included:
    • A Job Hazard Analysis Program which is completed jointly between managers and employees performing the work
    • A Manual Material Handling Program which includes instructions and training for operations employees describing correct ergonomic practices when manually lifting or handling materials
    • A Working Safely with Cryogens procedure and training program