Nordion, A Sotera Health Company. Celebrating 75 years from 1946-2021

Nordion: Celebrating 75 Years

October 1, 2021 marks an important milestone for Nordion: 75 years of being a trusted supplier of Cobalt-60. Founded in 1946, Nordion’s history is a story of innovation, global leadership, and growth. Originally the radium sales department of Eldorado Mining and Refining Ltd., Nordion’s history of innovation started in the late 1940s with the development of one of the first teletherapy units that used the radioisotope cobalt-60 to destroy cancerous tumors. These types of teletherapy units are still being used today to treat patients.

1946: Eldorado Mining Inc.
1952: AECL (Commercial Product Division)
1978: AECL (Radiochemical Company) 1988: Nordion International Inc.
1991: MDS Nordion
2010: Nordion (Canada) Inc.
2016: Nordion a division of Sotera Health

Message from President Kevin Brooks: This is an exciting time for Nordion. We have a rich history and an exciting future. Each of you, our employees, our customers and our community, play a critical role in our success and have contributed to Nordion and Sotera Health’s Safeguarding Global HealthTM. Thank you for a wonderful 75 years and I look forward to many more.