Irradiation Services

Non-standard and high-precision Gamma processing

When manufacturers of medical devices, food items, polymers, packaging and other specialty products require unique irradiation and sterilization services, they turn to Nordion.

Our applied research and specialized facility combines state-of-the-art cobalt irradiation systems with world-class gamma processing knowledge and expertise. This provides you with flexible scheduling and timely irradiation of your product.

  • Precision: We maintain a dry storage irradiator for small-scale sample testing with exceptional flexibility. The irradiator features a computerized monitoring system that governs operations, controls timing and generates accurate, detailed documentation.
  • Uniformity: Our small-scale irradiator provides a high uniform dose with very low uncertainty.
  • Expertise: We have extensive experience in gamma processing and a team of world-class experts ready to determine dose levels, and establish a unique, calibrated and precise dosimetry process.

Achieve Your Unique Gamma Processing Requirements

  • Quality: We deliver the right dose at the right time, according to your schedule.
  • Compliance: We ensure your products meet specific regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Manufacturing: We complete manufacturing process requirements to your unique specifications.
  • Research: Unsure if your product is gamma compatible? By way of our Sterilization Science Group, we collaborate with companies to determine gamma compatibility and to develop highly effective gamma processes.

Have You Considered the Benefits of Gamma?

Why choose gamma?

  • Efficient: Unlike other modalities, products irradiated and sterilized with gamma can be sent from the GCE facility directly to the end customer—no quarantine times.
  • Flexible: Gamma can be used for most materials in any configuration in a wide range of conditions.
  • Proven: Used by polymer producers, medical device companies and food processors for over 40 years, gamma processing is a well understood, well controlled and validated process.
  • Safe: While some modalities leave traces of toxic substances, gamma rays do not.

Learn more about the benefits of irradiation services from Nordion to achieve your gamma irradiation and sterilization goals.