Training Services

Hands-on irradiator and radiation safety continued education

Nordion features one of the world’s most sophisticated gamma processing facilities—a unique resource for practical irradiator training and experience. We have shared our knowledge and expertise in the field with customers around the world since 1987.

Drawing on the expertise of our team, Nordion delivers relevant and insightful training courses to a wide range of industry professionals. Training is delivered in small groups of five to 10. This ensures effective instruction for levels—basic, advanced and specialized.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have restructured our training programs to also offer virtual instruction. Our team can also take training on the road, with sessions at remote locations and customer sites.

Whether you choose virtual training, training at our facility or onsite at yours, we take every precaution to ensure participant safety without compromising the quality of the training we provide.

We offer the following continued education courses but we continue to add courses to our curriculum to benefit our customers.
If you have specific needs or requirements that we could address in a future course, please let us know.

Radiation Safety Officer

Radiation Safety Officer

The Radiation Safety Officer course is a comprehensive program for organizers with either an industrial or research irradiator.
Learn about the Radiation Safety Officer course
Radiation Safety Review for Irradiator Operators

Radiation Safety Review for Irradiator Operators

For continued safe operation of an irradiation facility, proper training of operating personnel, and meeting training regulations.
Learn about the Radiation Safety Review for Irradiator Operators course

The Benefits of Training with Nordion

World-class facility

Hands-on experience

State-of-the-art irradiator

Modern classroom facility

Conveniently located 30 minutes from an International airport

Small-scale underwater precision dose system

Virtual, in-person and onsite options

Custom courses developed by request