Sterilization Science Services

World-class applied research for Gamma sterilization

At Nordion Sterilization Science, our first-class chemists and physicists understand the challenge you face to sterilize your medical device, improve the properties of your polymer or ensure the safety of your food product.

Innovation Through Collaboration

We have collaborated with companies like yours for 30+ years to determine gamma compatibility of materials and to develop highly effective gamma processes:

  • Timeless: We are highly focused on understanding the unique needs of our research partners. With our flexible irradiator schedule, every research project benefits from rapid turnaround.
  • Precision: Our calibrated research irradiator delivers exceptional flexibility for small-scale sample testing of products. The irradiator features a computerized monitoring system that governs operations, controls timing and generates accurate, detailed documentation for all research projects.
  • Expertise: We have extensive experience in gamma processing and a team of world-class experts ready to help design your experiment, suggest dose levels, and establish a unique, calibrated and precise dosimetry process.

We Ask the Right Questions

Come to us with a challenging material and you will walk away with the ideal process to achieve effective gamma sterilization.

Does your product have a maximum dose constraint?
We collaborate with you to design the ideal process, even for the most challenging of materials. Perhaps the answer lies with the approach that should be taken to irradiate the material, or with a foundational study to reduce the dose requirement.

Unsure if your product is gamma compatible?
We collaborate with you to determine the gamma compatibility of any challenging material.

Want to change a characteristic of a product?
Whether your goal is to change the colour of a material or alter its mechanical properties, we look forward to a collaborative and rewarding partnership.

Learn about the many more benefits of sterilization science from Nordion to achieve your gamma irradiation and sterilization goals.

Gamma Compatible Materials