Radiation applications are innovative and wide-ranging from enhancing the strength of polymers to extending the life expectancy of materials used in aerospace environments to transforming the color of gemstones.

Source Supply and Recycling Services

Nordion can offer a range of source designs suitable for a wide range of applications. Source designs for industrial radiation processing, research irradiators and recycling have all been approved as Special Form by the competent authority and the design of custom sources is also offered. A wide range of services is also available from Nordion to support users of radiation sources in these application areas. The provision of sources for ‘standard’ wet storage industrial irradiators is largely met by Nordion’s Canadian office, while Nordion’s UK office focuses on other specialist source designs for other irradiator types for recycling.

Standard industrial irradiation sources

Nordion’s UK office maintains the designs and approvals required for the manufacture of and lifetime support of type RSL2089 Cobalt-60 sources, which along with Nordion Inc’s C-188 source type are the industry standard designs for ‘wet storage’ radiation processing. Nordion also offers new sources for standard ‘dry storage’ cobalt sources, the RSL1800 with a full range of support service. All of the source designs have Special Form Approval from the competent authority.

Other Irradiation Sources

Other source designs that are used in research, panoramic and other types of irradiators are also offered as new sources and maintained/supported. These include: RSL2010 and RSL2020 pencil type sources; the type RSL1921 source in holder incorporating a wire cable to allow remote handling. The RSL6000 range of Caesium sources is supported and Special Form Certificate maintained. These Caesium source designs are Special Form Approved by the UK competent authority and all arrangements are under the Nordion ISO9001:2015 approved UK Quality Management System . (Also read our Quality Policy .)

Sources for Cobalt-60 Recycling

Nordion has developed the RSL1860 source design specifically for recycling end-of-life RSL2089 and similar source designs. This will enable users to have end-of-life sources removed and then re-use the cobalt-60 as new RSL1860 sources. The RSL1860 design is Special Form Approved, has a Recommended Working Life of 30 years and is backed-up by a special module design and a range of support services. The RSL1860 module (type R8103) is designed to fit into the vast majority of source racks without modification. This makes the transition to using RSL1860 sources alongside R2089 (or equivalent source types) very fast and simple for most irradiator operators. Nordion is also able to design and manufacture other module designs and provide installation, load planning, logistics and back up services.

Source Handling and Services

Nordion has the expertise, assets, infrastructure and experience to enable it to offer an extensive range of services to the radiation processing and radiation sources industries. Nordion UK is able to design, test and obtain regulatory approval of sources to meet users’ specifications; arrange transport and installation of radiation sources; perform load planning/optimization calculations; and provide inspection, emergency response, end-of-life and other support services.

Source Containers and Transport Services

Nordion owns a large fleet of containers that are suitable for the transport of radiation sources. These containers are fully approved, serviced and available for rental to organizations that wish to transport Class 7 radioactive material, subject to approval of the organization/application. Additionally, Nordion has all the arrangements in place to provide a reliable logistics service within this highly regulated environment.

Transport Containers for Rental

Most of Nordion’s containers are Type B(U) approved for the transport of Cobalt-60 and Caesium-137 in various forms and other isotopes under certain circumstances. The Type 3750A and 3981A containers are used extensively for the transport of high volumes of standard ‘wet storage’ Cobalt-60 sources; the 3962A container is most suitable for the transport of physically larger sources or non-Special Form raw material; the 3939A (DIP) container is designed specifically for use with dry storage irradiation sources and facilities; and several other Type B(U) and Type A containers are available for various specialist source and irradiator types. The container design approvals are issued by the UK Competent Authority and, where required, these have been are revalidated by the authorities in other countries. Many of these containers have gone through a program of renewing their Type B(U) Certificates of Approval to the latest (SSR-6) regulations, confirming license validity to ~2020/2021. Potential rental requirements should be advised to Nordion’s UK division with full details of proposed use and must be handled by organizations and individuals who have been approved by Nordion to do so.

Shipping and Logistics Service

Nordion has shipped multi-MCi of Cobalt-60 and other isotopes around the world using road, sea and air freight. Over the years, the company has developed its logistics expertise and the necessary relationships with many of the specialist transport companies that have arrangements in place to enable them to carry Class 7 radioactive material. Additionally, Nordion has its own fleet of 20’ flatracks that are available for road and sea transport and utilize container specific tie-downs.

Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

Shipment of Class 7 radioactive material must be made in accordance with the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material and is subject to international transport regulations including ADR, IMDG and IATA. Additionally, many regulators also impose their own country specific requirements and may require, for example: special import and export requirements; transport licenses and transit permits; notification of movements and approval of routes; escort of vehicles, approval of drivers and additional insurance. Nordion UK has built up trust with the national and international authorities that control Class 7 shipments and is experienced in dealing with their individual requirements.

Source Technical and Engineering Services

Nordion’s team is made up of experienced experts in many areas of the radiation source and radiation process industries. This enables Nordion to offer a very broad range of technical, engineering, quality, regulatory and operational support services.

Source Design and Assembly

Nordion has designed many types of radiation sources and these have been manufactured and supplied in large numbers to customers worldwide, often with a Recommended Working Life of 20 years or even 30 years. Nordion is able to design new sources to meet specific customer requirements and applications. The service can include design, testing and regulatory approval through to set up of manufacturing arrangements including process and quality systems. Nordion can also arrange for your radiation sources to be assembled or loaded into holders of your design.

Technical and Engineering Service

Nordion has been immersed in radiation source technology since its inception and has developed considerable expertise in areas such as source and container thermodynamics; metallurgy effects and the study of source working environments; and radiation physics and dosimetry. Additionally, Nordion has undertaken a number of complex engineering projects such as: the design of high-volume commercial scale irradiators; the design of one-off irradiators for specialist applications; the recovery of sources that have become damaged in operation; and the manufacture of specialist equipment and tools to enable the non-routine handling and transportation of radiation sources. This technical and engineering expertise means that Nordion is very well placed to support and enable customers to meet their varying complex needs.

Quality and Regulatory Services

Nordion has consistently demonstrated the highest level of quality and regulatory compliance throughout its operation. Systems and procedures have been developed that result in high integrity products being safely supplied to its customers. These systems and procedures are available to customers that would like Nordion to manage radiation source related projects such as performing risk assessments, developing source handling operations or obtaining Special Form Approval of a source design.

Irradiation Facility Engineering Services

Nordion has many years of experience working at irradiation facilities of different designs including both wet and dry storage commercial scale irradiators and research and panoramic type irradiators. Routine services such as: installation of sources; performing load planning calculations; analysis of irradiator pool water and dose surveys can all be performed using equipment and expertise within the company. Non-routine services include: in-situ underwater source inspection using Nordion specialist camera equipment; emergency response arrangements; and services such as provision of new source racks and modules are also offered.

Irradiator Maintenance and Upgrades Services

We offer a unique blend of electro-mechanical engineering, controls system design and regulatory affairs expertise.

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While this capability is embodied in every irradiator we design, manufacture, install and support, it’s also applied to develop timely, cost-effective solutions for customers dealing with irradiator maintenance and efficiency, or safety upgrades.

Engage us for your professional services projects including:

Control system upgrades

Efficiency improvements

Safety retrofits

Leveraging our experience in production irradiator lifecycle management, we make the upgrade process smoother for you, while delivering higher safety and quality standards and achieving greater effectiveness.

Nordion’s Safety and Controls System Services

Nordion Services Efficiency Upgrades

Dosimetry and Modelling Services

We offer dosimetry and modelling services at our accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration facility; in other words, we operate at international industry standards for testing and calibration.

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Our Dosimetry Lab is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, and provides industry-leading calibration, irradiation and dose measuring services. We offer the following services.

Dosimetry Services:

  • Cobalt-60 irradiation
  • Dose calibration and measurement
  • Product testing

Mathematical Modelling Services:

  • Equivalency
  • Cobalt optimization
  • Product capability and optimization
  • Consulting and investigation

Nordion Dosimetry Products & Services Price List

Nordion Dosimetry Services

Nordion Modelling Services

Sterilization Services

At Nordion, we understand the challenge you face to sterilize your medical device, improve the properties of your polymer product or improve the safety of your food product.

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For more than 30 years we have collaborated with companies like yours to determine gamma compatibility of materials and to develop highly effective gamma processes.

Nordion Gamma Centre of Excellence (GCE) is a world-class applied research and specialty gamma processing facility. Day in and day out, our chemistry and physics experts work with R&D organizations, materials researchers and sterilization specialists from around the globe who put their trust in Nordion’s expertise to solve unique problems.

Gamma Compatible Materials

Irradiation Services

At Nordion’s Gamma Centre of Excellence (GCE), we provide state-of-the-art gamma services to medical device manufacturers, spice producers, packaging manufacturers and specialty products manufacturers.

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The GCE facility offers timely irradiation of your product with flexible scheduling and both high- and low-volume irradiation capability. Our non-standard and high-precision gamma processing meets unique requirements:

  • Quality: We deliver the right dose at the right time, according to your schedule
  • Regulatory compliance: We ensure your products meet specific regulatory compliance requirements
  • Manufacturing Process: We complete manufacturing process requirements to your unique specifications
  • Research: By way of our Sterilization Science Group, we collaborate with companies to determine gamma compatibility and to develop highly effective gamma processes

Training Services

Nordion’s Gamma Centre of Excellence (GCE) is one of the world’s most sophisticated gamma processing facilities. At GCE, we share our knowledge and expertise with customers around the world.

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We’ve been providing continuing education since opening the facility in 1987. Drawing on the experience and expertise of our GCE team, we deliver relevant and insightful training courses to a wide range of industry professionals.

Working with groups of five to ten, we provide effective, hands-on instruction—basic, advanced and specialized—that takes full advantage of our comprehensive facilities.