Gamma Irradiation Systems

Not only does Nordion provide Cobalt-60 to companies in the medical device industry, food industry and other industries for innovative applications for sterilization and irradiation of products, but we also manufacture irradiation systems. There are over 200 large-scale irradiation facilities in operation in 40 countries—and over 120 have been built by Nordion.

We combine world-class capabilities in electro-mechanical design, controls, radiation physics, dosimetry and regulatory affairs with a global reach in sales, installation and service to lead the industry in delivering end-to-end gamma processing solutions for our customers.

The ultimate measure of our success is your success, which begins with an intimate understanding of your business, and ends in total customer satisfaction. Our innovative solutions can accommodate virtually every need.

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Nordion Irradiators datasheet

Custom Gamma Irradiator Design by Nordion

No matter what your application, Nordion can help you find a gamma irradiation solution that will suit your individual needs. We invite you to download the Nordion Gamma Irradiators brochure, which compares the GammaFIT™, JS-10000, Parallel Row Pallet and GammaBeam™-127 irradiators.

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Nordion GammaFIT™ Irradiation System

Nordion GammaFIT™ Irradiation System

A market-entry irradiator with a modular design to enable you to start your business with minimal upfront investment and add capacity as your business grows.

Read the GammaFit datasheet >

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Nordion JS-10000 Hanging Tote Gamma Irradiation System

Nordion JS-10000 Hanging Tote Gamma Irradiation System

This workhorse of industrial irradiators is ideal for high-volume throughput to treat a variety of products with high efficiency.

Read the JS-10000 datasheet >

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Nordion GammaBeam™-127 Gamma Irradiation System

Nordion GammaBeam™-127 Gamma Irradiation System

This Category II panoramic dry-storage irradiator is designed for economical irradiation of small product batches, as well as research and development work.

Read the GammaBeam-127 datasheet >

Nordion Parallel Row Pallet Gamma Irradiation System

This irradiator is the ideal solution for processing intact pallets of product, reducing material handling and labour cost while maximizing throughput.


Visit our Services page to more about the following services for C-188 Cobalt-60 sources and gamma irradiation systems:

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Discontinued Products

Nordion has been innovating commercial gamma irradiation systems for over 60 years. Our product pipeline has evolved during this time.

Blood and Research Irradiators

The following irradiation products are now part of the Best Theratronics product line:

Gammacell 1000
Gammacell 3000
Gammacell 40
Gammabeam x200
Theratron® external beam teletherapy

For information regarding any of the above products please visit Theratronics.

Gammacell 220

The Gammacell 220 self-contained research irradiator product line was discontinued in 2008, and it’s no longer refurbished by Nordion. We do offer a safe disposal path for Gammacell 220. For disposal information, please contact us at [email protected].


The Agiris line of products is now part of NTP Europe. For information regarding any Agiris products, please visit NTP Europe.

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