11th International Conference on Isotopes (11ICI)

Join us at 11ICI, the 11th International Conference on Isotopes in Saskatoon, Canada. Organized by the World Council on Isotopes (WCI).

11ICI aims to encourage interdisciplinary exchange between isotope producers and the medical, agricultural, and national security sectors.

Nordion is happy to be sponsoring the 11ICI welcome reception and to be presenting an overview of the global production and usage of Cobalt-60.

Conference Talk

Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2023
Time: 11:20am – 12:10 PM CST
Title: An Overview of Global Production and Use of Cobalt-60
Presenter: Richard Wiens, Director, Business Development & Strategic Supply, Nordion

Canada was a pioneer in both of the applications of Cobalt-60 more than 50 years ago, and remains a leader today. At 11ICI, Nordion’s Richard Wiens will provide a discussion on the current market, global supply chain and various initiatives under way to increase the availability of Cobalt-60 for the long-term.

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