Canadian Radiotheranostics Leaders’ Summit 2024

The Canadian Radiotheranostics Leaders’ Summit is designed to bring together leaders in nuclear medicine, radiologists, technologists, doctors and nurses, and policy makers to spark transdisciplinary collaboration in radiopharmaeuticals.

Organized by the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC), the event aims to bring together leaders from Canada’s isotope community and abroad to discuss common issues and strategic opportunities in the isotope industry.

Don’t forget to attend the panel “Outfitting Hospitals for 21st Century Procedures,” which will feature Nordion’s Richard Wiens, Director, Business Development & Strategic Supply. Panelists will discuss exciting new advancements in medical technology and specialized nuclear medicine infrastructure in Canadian hospitals.

promo card for the panel "Outfitting Hospitals for 21st Century Procedures"

Nordion is happy to be sponsoring the 2024 Leaders’ Summit alongside some amazing innovators in the nuclear space.

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