Discontinued Products

Nordion has been innovating commercial gamma irradiation systems for over 60 years. Our product pipeline has evolved during this time.

Blood and Research Irradiators

The following irradiation products are now part of the Best Theratronics product line:
  • Gammacell 1000
  • Gammacell 3000
  • Gammacell 40
  • Gammabeam x200
  • Theratron® external beam teletherapy
 For information regarding any of the above products please visit Theratronics.

Gammacell 220

The Gammacell 220 self-contained research irradiator product line was discontinued in 2008, and it’s no longer refurbished by Nordion. We do offer a safe disposal path for Gammacell 220. For disposal information, please contact us at service@nordion.com.


The Agiris line of products is now part of NTP Europe. For information regarding any Agiris products, please visit NTP Europe.
Theratron is a registered trademark of Best Theratronics Ltd.