Gamma Processing Irradiation Services

At Nordion’s Gamma Centre of Excellence (GCE), we provide state-of-the-art gamma services to medical device manufacturers, spice producers, packaging manufacturers and specialty products manufacturers.

The GCE facility offers timely irradiation of your product with flexible scheduling and both high- and low-volume irradiation capability. Our non-standard and high-precision gamma processing meets unique requirements:
  • Quality: We deliver the right dose at the right time, according to your schedule
  • Regulatory compliance: We ensure your products meet specific regulatory compliance requirements
  • Manufacturing Process: We complete manufacturing process requirements to your unique specifications
  • Research: By way of our Sterilization Science Group, we collaborate with companies to determine gamma compatibility and to develop highly effective gamma processes

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Spices can be contaminated with up to 1 million bacteria per gram. And with irradiation, we can reduce it by 99.9%. Irradiation will not change the taste, the color, will not leave any residue and also really lowers the microbial count.

Nathalie Rivard, BSA