Gamma processing takes place in more than 40 countries in over 200 large-scale irradiators and even more small irradiators.


40% The percentage of all single-use medical devices sterilized globally using Cobalt-60
~ Source: International Irradiation Association (iia) 

As the world increasingly becomes a global marketplace, the role for gamma processing is set to grow in importance. Here’s why.

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Gamma is Flexible.

Gamma sterilization operations are highly customizable to your business. The high penetration characteristics of gamma rays allow for sterilization of a great variety of products in any size packages, all the way up to full pallets. The irradiator can be customized for large product volumes and specialty precision processing. It is also known for its flexibility to process a variety of products simultaneously to increase efficiency.

Gamma is Reliable.

Gamma processing relies on the exposure of products to a Cobalt-60 source, a simple and highly reliable process (read Quick Facts). Thanks to its simplicity, limited reliance on specialized maintenance staff, and complex equipment, gamma is a reliable sterilization modality for any geography, including more remote and developing world locations.

Gamma is Versatile.

Gamma processing can treat a wide range of products, even challenging high density products and those that use a mixture of different materials.

Gamma is Safe.

While some modalities leave traces of toxic substances, gamma rays do not. The rays are highly effective at killing micro-organisms, yet there is no residue or radioactivity on or in the products and packaging. This means no quarantine is required and product is immediately available for shipment or use after processing.

Gamma is Affordable.

Some competitors try to position gamma as more expensive. In reality, gamma is often the most cost effective choice.  Professionals need to consider the type of irradiator, the mix of products, inventory, transportation, and validation costs.