GammaBeam 127 Gamma Irradiator

The Nordion GammaBeam™-127 is classified as a Category II panoramic dry-storage irradiator.

It’s designed for economical irradiation of small product batches. It’s well suited for small medical product batches, food testing, and pilot scale irradiations, which don’t require high dose rates and throughputs of a full scale irradiator.

Economically Irradiate Small Product Batches

The small product batch irradiator features a ring of product turntables that surround the Cobalt-60 source. The radius of the ring is adjustable so that the dose rates, irradiation time and product batch volume can be varied to a great extent.
The configuration can facilitate the simultaneous irradiation of stacks of various density products because the product stacks on the turntables don’t shield each other at any time. The rotation of the turntables ensures dose uniformity ratio (DUR) for all product densities.

World-class Packaging and Safety

Source capacity is 60,000 curies of Cobalt-60, which is delivered in a self-shielded F-127 transport package. The package serves as the source storage container to shield the source when the irradiator is not operating.
When the source is raised from the storage container, personnel are protected by the enclosed biological shield of thick concrete and the safety interlock system.


  • World-class self-shielded F-127 transport package
  • Minimal service equipment and electrical power required for product processing
  • Utilizes the Nordion C-188 Cobalt-60 source 

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