Irradiators 101

Not only does Nordion provide Cobalt-60 to companies that sterilize products, we also manufacture irradiation systems. There are over 200 large-scale irradiation facilities in operation in 40 countries and over 120 have been built by Nordion.

We combine world-class capabilities in electro-mechanical design, controls, radiation physics, dosimetry and regulatory affairs with a global reach in sales, installation and service to lead the industry in delivering end-to-end gamma processing solutions for our customers.
The ultimate measure of our success is your success, which begins with an intimate understanding of your business, and ends in total customer satisfaction. Our innovative solutions can accommodate virtually every need.

Ask The Expert A Question 

BGS chose Nordion to supply our latest irradiator system because of their expertise in irradiator design, their track record as a reliable supplier of cobalt-60 and equipment, and their ability to customize an irradiator solution to meet our requirements for flexibility and efficiency.
Dr. Andreas Ostrowicki, Managing Director, BGS

How Does an Irradiator Work?

The best way to answer this question is to see one working. Check out this video.
Video at

How Does a Food Irradiator Work?


Here’s a description of what you’ll see in this animation. Products are loaded into totes for irradiation. These products can be medical devices, consumer products or food products such as spices, meats, fruits or vegetables. The totes enter the shielded irradiation room through a maze in the concrete, then the totes are indexed around a source of radiation. The radiation from the source penetrates through the totes to deliver the required amount of energy to the entire product. The shielded concrete walls absorb any remaining energy. The product never comes into contact with the source, and the energy from the source cannot make the products radioactive. Once the totes have traveled the full distance around the source and out the exit maze, the products can be safely unloaded and are ready to be shipped to the end user.

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