Parallel Row Pallet Gamma Irradiator


The Nordion Parallel Row Pallet Irradiator reduces product handling requirements by treating goods in their standard, transport ready packaging.

Fully automated and simple to operate, the Parallel Row Pallet irradiator features a two-level source pass configuration which maximizes efficiency while ensuring dose uniformity.

Two-level Source Pass Industrial Irradiator

This irradiator is the ideal solution for processing intact pallets of product, reducing material handling and labour cost while maximizing throughput. Ideal for both phytosanitary applications and medical device sterilization, the Pallet Irradiator accommodates a variety of product densities and dose uniformity requirements.
The Parallel Row Pallet Irradiator incorporates an optional incremental dose system which enables uninterrupted processing of diverse products. The multi-source design option also allows for low-dose applications, raising just a single source rack out of the pool at a time.


  • Two-level source pass configuration
  • External electric drives
  • Fully automated to allow for minimal attendance during operation
  • Utilizes the industry standard-setting Nordion C-188 Cobalt-60 source

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