Public Disclosure (2017)


Ottawa Fire Services Visiting Nordion

Kanata, Ontario — September 15, 2017

Over the next two weeks, Ottawa Fire Services will be visiting Nordion for site familiarity meetings and tours. Emergency Vehicles will be on site at Nordion during these visits. Nordion has a strong working relationship with Fire Services and both parties continue to work together to ensure the best possible, integrated response to a fire emergency. These familiarization visits remain an important part of this partnership.

Transport Incident by a Nordion Service Provider

Kanata, Ontario — July 6, 2017

At approximately 7:30 AM this morning, a truck owned and operated by a Nordion service provider was involved in a traffic accident on March Road, in Kanata, while transporting four cleaned and empty transport packages away from the facility. At the time of the accident, the truck was stopped at a traffic light, where it was struck from behind by another vehicle. In keeping with established safety protocols, the package was examined on the scene by a Nordion radiation specialist who confirmed that no adverse effects to the packages or their securement had occurred, and no radiation contamination was detected. Repairs to the truck trailer were completed on scene and it resumed its route by 9:45 AM.

Nordion’s Community Café 2016

Kanata, Ontario — January 4, 2017

Nordion’s Community Café was held in October 2016. Between then and now, we have developed a comprehensive review of the session. We invite you to read both the Nordion’s Community Café – Result (PDF) document and Nordion’s Community Café – Q&A (PDF) document.

2017 — Reports

Annual Compliance and Operational Performance Report*
CNSC Review of Nordion’s Performance
Quarterly Event Reports*