Public Disclosure (2021)


Emergency Response Training Exercise

Nordion is holding a training exercise on September 17th at approximately 9 am to test our emergency response plan as part of our efforts to build and maintain a strong emergency management program. This exercise includes the participation of Ottawa Fire Services, who may have emergency vehicles on site. Joint exercises are important for both Nordion and Ottawa emergency services in order to improve response capabilities and ensure an integrated response in the unlikely event that there is an emergency at the Nordion site.

False Fire Alarm

During the evening of July 19, 2021, a heat sensor was triggered twice, activating the fire alarm both times. As per Ottawa Fire Services practices, a fire truck was dispatched both times and Ottawa Fire Services confirmed false alarms. Investigation indicated a false alarm both times due to increased operation of machinery in the room and the warm outside air resulting in a localized increase in the air temperature around the heat sensor, causing it to activate. There was no negative impact to the facility or risk to the public or the environment.

On-site Familiarization Visits for Ottawa Fire Services Personnel

Members of the Ottawa Fire Services will be visiting the facility for planned meetings. This is part of their normal and routine community service. These visits allow the Ottawa emergency response teams to better respond if the need to do so ever presents itself and is not in response to any specific incident or threat to the facility.

Ottawa Fire Services will be on site Friday, February 19.

2021 — Reports

Annual Compliance and Operational Performance Report*
CNSC Review of Nordion’s Performance
Quarterly Event Reports*