Sealed Source Recycling

Nordion UK has developed the RSL1860 source design specifically for recycling end-of-life RSL2089 and similar source designs. This design enables our customers to have their end-of-life Cobalt-60 sources removed and then re-use the Cobalt-60 as new RSL1860 sources.

The RSL1860 design is Special Form Approved, has a Recommended Working Life of 30 years and is backed-up by a special module design and a range of support services. The RSL1860 module (type R8103) is designed to fit into the vast majority of source racks without modification. This makes the transition to using RSL1860 sources alongside RSL2089 (or equivalent source types) very fast and simple for most irradiator operators.

Nordion UK is also able design and manufacture other module designs and provide installation, load planning, logistics and back up services.

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