Environmental Management

Nordion is ISO 14001:2004 certified.

This certification is an internationally recognized standard which specifies the actual requirements for an environmental management system (EMS) and for controlling and improving a company’s environmental performance. Currently, our Ottawa and Laval sites are certified against ISO 14001:2004.


In 2007 Nordion was awarded an ENERGY STAR® Market Transformation Award for a LeanSigma Project, which resulted in an 18% decrease in hydro consumption.

Certification of our EMS provides assurance to our customers, regulators, and the community that we have a sound EMS and sound operating practices that meet stringent requirements acceptable to international standards.


Environmental Management System (EMS)

We continually monitor gamma exposure at the perimeter of the facility.

Groundwater Monitoring

Nordion conducts groundwater sampling for both non-radioactive and radioactive contaminants. Since 2005, Nordion has been monitoring groundwater at least once a year for non-radioactive contaminants such as ammonia, nitrate, dissolved organic carbon, total dissolved solids, Iron, and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons. The latest non-radiological groundwater sampling was taken in October 2014. The results of monitoring demonstrated that there were no significant changes for non-radioactive contaminants in the ground water in 2014 relative to previous years which were all near the background levels or the detectable limit. Nordion also monitors groundwater for radioactive contaminants. This was last conducted in 2014 and results showed that only naturally occurring radionuclides, which are not processed at this site, were detected. The results indicate that Nordion has not released nuclear and hazardous substances to groundwater.

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Environment Management

Soil Sampling

Nordion conducts soil sampling every two years to determine radiological materials in the soil. Soil sampling was performed in 2014 and no nuclear substances attributable to the Nordion licensed activities were detected.

Environment Management

Environmental Monitoring

Nordion’s effluent and environmental monitoring programs are used to verify that releases of hazardous substances do not result in environmental concentrations that may affect public health. The results of these programs confirm that the health and safety of the public are protected from exposures to hazardous substances released from the facility and that Nordion is taking adequate measures to protect the health and safety of the public.



Are You Within Your Radiation Dose Limit?


Nordion makes every effort to reduce energy use. In 2007 Nordion was awarded an ENERGY STAR® Market Transformation Award for a LeanSigma Project which resulted in an 18% decrease in hydro consumption. Nordion continues to take every opportunity to reduce energy use. 


At Nordion we make every effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle to eliminate unnecessary waste. Nordion has established a comprehensive recycling program to divert as much waste from landfill as possible. This includes organics, plastics, metals, wood, paper and cardboard. Nordion also diverts and recycles – where feasible – other wastes such as fluorescent bulbs, electronics and batteries.


Not only do we recycle, we work with partners who respect the environment as well. We regularly conduct environmental audits of suppliers to surround ourselves with companies who share the same cultural attitude toward the protection of the environment.


Nordion makes every attempt to minimize hazardous material usage. Where these materials are necessary, they are handled and stored in a safe manner that prevents potential spills or releases. Nordion is regulated by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and is required to report on its use and disposal of certain substances under the Toxics Reduction Act. To read Nordion’s reports, visit Resources and scroll to the section entitled Nordion’s Toxic Substance Reduction Reports.